Portable Electric Baseboard Heaters

As cold weather approaches, most homeowners are looking for ways to heat their homes. With this, some may go with heating oil, electric heater that causes us to spend a large amount of money. One effective way to meet your needs is by purchasing an electric baseboard heater may it be the portable one or not.

What are electric baseboard heaters? Electric baseboard heaters are also called as space heaters that act as an alternative choice to a traditional heating system. These electric baseboard heaters were created for rooms and large spaces. These heaters are placed on the base of the wall and are enclosed in metal pipes which let the air to rise creating a perfect warm environment. Since this kind of heater is operated electronically, it uses up more power when used in large rooms. That is why this heater is good for small rooms.

Portable electric baseboard heaters have thermostat to control the heat easily. Portable electric baseboard heaters are ideal for small rooms and you can plug them in any outlet. The temperature in this device is regulated by a thermostat. Portable electric baseboard heaters are the best option for those living in apartments. When you have a portable electric baseboard heater, first determine the amount of space that you need to heat. Once you have determined it you will know what size of the heater you need to have.

Portable electric baseboard heaters come in two styles which are the 120 volts and the 240 volts. The popular choice is the 120 volt heater because it uses a single circuit and not that costly. On the other hand the 240 volt heaters are more efficient. When it comes to portable electric baseboard heaters the problem is that you cannot place it against any furniture and that the heaters heat the room very slowly. But still with this the advantages of the portable electric baseboard heaters still outweighs all its drawbacks.

To preserve the portable electric heater, proper cleaning is needed. When cleaning the portable electric heater, first turn off the heater and allow it to cold down. Cooling it will allow you to clean the heater effectively and thoroughly without causing you to burn your hands. Then, unplug the heater so it will not cause any electrical shock. Also wear heat resistant gloves to further protect yourself. Next step is to move the heater away from furniture’s and walls and place it in an open space. Check if there are any wet spots. If there is, it indicates that there is a presence of leaks and the heater is not safe to use. Also check for any rusts and cracks found at the bottom of the heater by laying it down. Once you have finished checking the surface of the portable electric baseboard heater, the next step is to use a soft brush or cloth in removing dust on the heaters surface. If the heater is enclosed, just wipe the cover using a soft damp cloth. Wipe the fans and brush all the dust off. Also lubricate the fans using utility oil or any oil recommended by the manufacturer. The oil will add lubrication where the blades are connected; the oil will help in keeping the fan running smoothly and effortlessly. If the portable electric baseboard heater is placed in a humid environment, be sure to place utility oil every 3 months to prevent a squeaking noise. After the whole cleaning and maintenance, return the portable electric baseboard heater in its position and plug it in. Check if it works well and monitor its heating ability.

Portable electric baseboard heater has great programmable features like an automatic thermostat that is convenient for all homeowners. The programmed thermostat monitors the temperature in a room and determines the amount of heat that it will provide in a room. The programmed thermostat also gives you an option to adjust and sustain your desired room temperature.

Where are the best places to put the portable electric baseboard heaters? These heaters should never be places below an outlet. Cords that are left plugged in can cause fire. Before you place the heater find a room that is a perfect place to put the heater where there are no or fewer outlets. Next thing to put in mind is not to place these portable electric baseboard heaters on the floor but must be placed on the walls. Always make sure that there is at least a one inch gap between the heater and the floor. This will ensure that the heaters are far from any combustible floors or carpets that can establish a fire. Lastly, be sure that all flammable materials are placed away from the portable electric baseboard heater. It is dangerous to place materials near the heater because there are some things that can catch fire or burst out when there is the presence of heat. It is better to make sure that everything is safe before everything may seem to be too late.

With all of these information and details regarding the portable electric baseboard heater surely this is enough for us to say that this is surely a great investment to have.

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